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Re: help my homemade Christmas!

First, I would LOVE to see pics of the art portfolios (and maybe a quick description of how to make them???). I have an artist niece and depending on how hard it is/how long it takes to make them, I may have found her holiday gift!

Second, ditto on the little car carrier. I LOVE that idea too! Did you have "road" fabric, or did you applique that on?

Finally, I agree with the play food ideas and here are a few other ideas:
1. superhero capes (2-4 boy/girl)
I just made one of these upcycled from a solid colored baby blanket with a Superman logo "S" appliqued on it and now my kids are fighting over it, so I see another one of these in my future!

2. PJs in the kids favorite character/theme (all ages boy/girl)

3. matching snack bags/cloth napkins for lunch boxes (all ages boy/girl)

4. appiqued t-shirts with their favorite theme (all ages boy/girl)
I made a sushi shirt for my son and niece that is pictured on this forum elsewhere

5. slippers (all ages boy/girl)
I make these from the Robeez-like patterns you get online and do applique work on them and my kids love them. My best ones were some blue suede Cookie Monster slippers I lined with black sherpa

6. Drawstring bags for legos, playmobile, etc. sets
I sometimes match the theme of the playset to the fabric for added fun. I just bought my nephew some superheros legos for his birthday and plan to make a little bag to carry the pieces by upcycling a spiderman t-shirt

7. upcycled wool sweater mittens/hats/scarves/bags (all ages boy/girl)
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