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Re: Freezer meals...?

So far I have made (and froze) Mexi Chicken, and chili, and today I am making taco meat by the gallon. I will probally do another batch of Mexi Chicken, taco 'meat' with lentils, and chili (maybe without the meat?) I also want to bake and then freeze chicken breast chunks. I use the Mexi chicken to make quesodillas and enchiladas.

Mexi chicken is just chicken breasts, tomatoes, salsa, and spices (a lot of papikra and chili, garlic, onion). I cook the chicken in a slow cooker/crock pot and then chunk it up when it is done. It is usually so tender it just falls apart. You can also 'hide' a lot of other vegetables and/or rice in it without anyone (DH) knowing Mexi chicken is also just good with rice in a casserole. (If you can't tell it is one of my favorite staples to have in my freezer along with the taco meat)
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