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Re: PLing DESTASH!! Soakers, shorties, skirtie, capris, longies (larger sizes)

Mama, I would like to have the Itzen and pink and purple stripes longies. If you can send me a Paypal addy, I'll get payment to you right away!

Originally Posted by MommyMelody3 View Post
We're PLing!!! So it's destash time.... All woolies have been freshly washed with a wool wash including lanolin and can be worn right away. All were knit by me. I have tried to be as honest as possible about each diaper, but I am human. Shipping with DC included. PP or trades, but I'm ISO very little. All pics are clickable to see a larger image. PM with interest or questions. Thanks!
**FYI, the colors are fixed.**
Most are girly, but there's a GN shorties and a boyish shorties.

Orange/red WHAM dyed on Patons (gender neutral) $13ppd
Almost new, no felting. Bled a little when I washed it.
Rise: 21.5”
Inseam: 2”

Striped light Pink-bright pink-purple Longies on Cascade $19ppd
No felting.
Rise: 22”
Inseam: 12”

“Itzen“ by purewool Longies $19ppd
Minor felting on bum.
Rise: 25”
Inseam: 12.5”

"Faded John Deere" (dyed by me) on Patons shorties $14ppd
(fit slim and tall)
Rise: 21"
Waist: 16.5"
Inseam: 1.5"

(SOLD) “Afterschool Sweets” by Bugsnugger on Cestari Fine soaker $17ppd
No felting or other problems.
Rise: 22”

(TRADED) Scrappy Skirty on Patons, BFL, purewool, Malabrigo $22ppd
Almost new, no felting.
Rise: 21”

(TRADED) “Playtime” by LM on licorice twist capris $19ppd
Minor felting on bum.
Rise: 24”
Inseam: 10.5”

(SOLD) “Joanico” by Purewool soaker $13ppd
Some felting in crotch and bum.
Rise: 18.5”

Fine print: All items come from a smoke-free, dog-friendly home.
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