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Originally Posted by hibiscus869 View Post
There was a time period (1st grade mostly) where the video games were really a big thing, they got played with all the time. But as he gets older he's playing with them less, months will go by where they are untouched. He really would rather play outside, and fortunately he does have ONE friend who is the same, and they will play outside for HOURS together. But pretty much all of his other friends walk in the door and immediately want to play Super Mario Brothers or whatever (we only do E games). So I've held on to the Wii and the games for those days: When it's freezing cold, or we have friends over who don't know how to entertain themselves without the electronics. Like I say I'm just tired of the conflict over them though between the siblings.

I think for the time being I'm for sure going to sell the DS, all the DS games, and all of the Wii ones that aren't being played much. I'll hold on to the Wii for a few more months, see if we miss it. I don't want to sell it and then regret it, it was actually a grandparent gift so I didn't even have to buy it. I've told my DS about all this and why I want to get rid of them and he said it's ok. He said out of everything he'd rather keep the Legos than the video games anyway!
I think that sounds like a good plan.

You might want to try selling the DS and the games here and/or on
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