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Re: Question about timing and weight

I had an unnecesarean with my first for "suspected big baby", never even went into labor (doctor gave two "options": c-section or induction which she said would probably end in emergency c-sec). She was 8 lbs 12 ounces at about 39 weeks and I gained about 33 lbs.

Second child was born at 41 weeks 3 days and I had a HBAC. She was 8 lbs even. She had the same head size and length and my first baby and a slightly broader chest. I gained 53 lbs. Midwifes never talked about weight gain.

Because I went almost 42 weeks had to do an u/s to check everything and they measured her at 9 and a half pounds! So don't put a lot of stock in that either!

Your body knows what to do and so does your baby. God designed our bodies to birth babies! =)
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