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I had a cesarean with my first for similar reasons to you. I REALLY wanted to do a VBAC with my second for similar reasons as well. 25 weeks into my pregnancy, we moved, and the hospitals here do not do them. I also could have decided to go 2 hours away for a VBAC, but decided against it. Thinking about the possibility of complications going into labor, and having to go so far, it wasn't worth it to me. I knew that having a repeat c-section would still get me to my goal--a healthy baby. My first c-section was rather traumatic because of going through the induction first and those complications. Having a repeat that was scheduled was amazing. I was completely alert, able to nurse as soon as I got into recovery, and my total recovery was fine. I am happy with my decision, even though I'm still sad that I couldn't have that vaginal delivery that my body was created for.

Either way you go, know that a healthy baby as the end result means that it was successful!
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