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Honestly-I think all these opinions you're gathering will only do one of two things. Confuse you even more or solidify what you know but don't want to face for whatever reason. Bottom line is either YOU are comfortable with Living together or not, even though that seems like a superfluous issue to me. What seems to be the issue (and I could be wrong) is that you want a clear cut 100% out there "I will never leave you" commitment. And to you it seems that a wedding is the first step in that direction. If that's how you feel, whether you want a huge gala affair or a small backyard cookout, you HAVE to make it clear. You and he need to sit down and actually talk about things. I know pregnancy hormones will make it difficult but it needs to be done. Because if he thinks all you want is a wedding and everything else is jut second fiddle then I can see him being hesitant. From what I've read here it seems that you and he both want the same end goal-a marriage and commitment. You just disagree on the road to getting there. All the statistics in the world an all the advice and anecdotes from strangers on the Internet (who are all lovely women-and men-by te way) won't change what you need to feel secure and happy. Which is why I'm not sharing my personal views. They don't matter. All that matters is you and what you need and your boyfriend and what he needs. I'm sorry if this came off as preachy by the way. I hope you find peace with whatever decision you make. ::
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