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Re: BLW...on WIC...95 jars a month ?!?

I've used them for tea lights, spice jars, nails and tack jars, office supply jars, painting jars, rooted plants in them, lotion containers, mini first aide packs, snow "globe" jars, mini bug terrariums with holes in the lids, and -TMI- as a container to do HPT's in.
I saw a really cute tutorial where a mama painted them yellow, put lego faces on them, filled them with treats and gave them as favors for a lego themed b-day party. I saw another where they screwed the lids on a board and filled the containers with garage stuff, then untwist the jars to get the nails or whatever. Another on putting magnets on the lids to do essentially the same thing except they were on the fridge. They can be used for just about anything!
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