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Re: Big Mamas September Thread

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
Your name Laurel
Starting Weight 185 (195 the month before I "officially" started)
Current Weight 156
Short-Term Goal (ie. "X" by valentines/March) 155 (into the healthy BMI!!!) by October 1Long-Term Goal 135lbs or 50 lbs lost
Weight Lost to Date 29lbs
Weight Loss Plan Eat to keep blood sugar under control, track food using Myfitnesspal, add in excercise again.

So far so good. I'm pretty sure that pound is going to stick. I logged at 156 but I"ve been 155.4 yesterday and 155.8 today so I think at least the 156 is going to stick around. Now if I can just get 155 to stick. I'm trying really hard to focus on what I can control because everything else is totally out of control right now. They gave me bad news on my Sun. night blood draw. They aren't expecting the baby to make it. So now I just keep going in every two days and if things progress how they think it should be over soon, if not then I'll be having an ultrasound later in the week to determine what exactly is happening. So in the mean time I'm trying to focus on eating since I can't work out and I can't do anything about the other. My mom flew in last night and that is really helping me stay calm and focused. I am struggling with not being able to work out. I'm suppose to be taking it easy right now, and so for now that means no working out. But once everything is settled with what is happening I"m ready to get back at it. I know that the only time I start seeing big losses are when I"m working out.
Take it easy and do what you can. I'm so sorry you're going through this again.
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