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Re: The 25lb Challenge September thread

Originally Posted by katiegud View Post
DH decided to buy a giant Halloween candy bag of all our favorite candy. Why? We now have an entire drawer of candy, and it is literally all my favorites. This is not going to help much! I already caved and bought chocolate covered raisins at work today, too. Ugh! At least I'm not at home all day anymore, so I won't have as much time to graze.
I would have killed DH! I love candy. I can convince myself those little packets do not have many calories. Even though it is a lie....LOL!

Originally Posted by boogamama View Post
I have not eaten any candy or drank any pop today. Woohoo! I did have a super sweet coffee this morning, but I've only been drinking water besides. Baby steps here, people.
Your doing great. Staying away from my favorites is how I start any diet regime. I do time with resisting what my weaknesses are till it is easy, then I alter my diet. Baby steps work best for me. Getting used to one thing at a time.

Originally Posted by Ashsmama View Post
I did some ab exercises this morning but ate horribly today. I'm not looking forward to weighing myself in the morning. I'm also very bloated and cranky due to being on my period, blah!
AF sucks. I always have like 4 pounds of water weight when she is around. I have not gotten her back yet, but it should be anytime. I usually get her back 3 months PP even while nursing and I am 4 months.

Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
Ok I've been very good today but tarantula in house=ice cream for dinner.
I am lucky that ice cream does not agree with me. When I crave it I remind myself of the out come the last time I ate it.

Originally Posted by katiegud View Post
How bad for you is Greek yogurt? I just made a ton of it, so I'm eating a lot. I put honey on it. If I eat it every day is it going to thwart my weight loss effort?
I am not sure if it is bad for dieting or not. If you eat it as one meal in reasonable portions and it is lowfat, I am sure it is fine. I do not do dairy on my diet as dairy makes me bloated and gain, plus I have a sensitivity.


Great news for me today! I am down to 159.6!!!! I got out of the 160s. I hope it stays that way! I am sure I will get water gain at some point, but today the scale was kind to me and showed me that wonderful number!
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