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GMD Workhorse Cloth Diaper Users.. I have a question for you

So we've been struggling with night time cloth diapering for quite some time. My son is 17 months and very addicted to bottles still and in all honestly, I don't know how to put him to bed without a bottle and I'm scared to even try.

We've tried bamboo fitteds at night, but I don't like the stink in the morning. We've tried quite a few things actually, but nothing works. Pockets do not work either. I've tried many.

He's a tummy sleeper the whole night, keep in mine.

I bought a couple of the new organic workhorse fitteds with 2 of the clothese doublers and an Sbish wool soaker.

Is this combo night worthy for a tummy sleeper that has a good 7 -8 oz a fluid before bed (he gets a 5oz bottle and before that he ususally has some water and a snack before bed).
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