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wool and lanolizing question

I have some wool.... I thought I'd love it, but I've yet to use it without leaks. I'm not sure if I've done something wrong.

I purchased a Kiwi Pie M wool cover used. It doesn't not quite fit fully over the velour Kiwi Pies that we have, so I got wicking around the legs where it was exposed.

I also purchased a Disana wool cover used that said it probably needed lanolized.

So I washed/lanolized both with some instructions I found online. When I used the disana after that, it soaked through. I hadn't used it prior so maybe it came to me this way, not sure.

Any thoughts on why? I haven't tried the KP but need to. I don't plan on keeping it, but obviously want to know if it's working before I sell it. Is there a way to test it without putting it on her?

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