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darn, I missed it!

So... where did the PL subforum go, and how long has it been gone and I am just now figuring it out! LOL
DD is 19 mos. I have been doing very casual, couple-hours-in-the-evening kind of EC with her. She clearly is starting to "get it" but we have yet to really catch a full pee or poop.
(note: I do let her watch elmo or abby cadaby youtube videos on my phone while sitting on the potty... it's the only way to keep the child still for more than 15 secs. I may regret this later...)
Until today. DD is home with DH all day... he texted and said "DD said peepee Elmo. We sat on the potty and SHE PEED!"
Except I'm kinda sad that I missed it. Her first full-on catch. Darn!
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