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Re: Please proof this before I post.

1) Would you only post the ensembles and then link to photobucket for the sized photographs?
IMO all photographs should be on your listing. People don't like clicking on links and trudging through a photobucket album.

2) What do you think about appliques as a product line? These appliques are not made with die cutting machines or with an embroidery machine. The whole idea, for me, is to make them "free hand" as much as possible in order to give customers as much freedom to ask for what they want.
You might have better luck selling items with appliques on them already. Not too sure, but these are pretty cute.
3) How bad are the photographs? I took them myself and tried to fix them as best I could.
They aren't bad. For size, they would be cuter if they were photographed on something or with another object. If your photos give project ideas, I think someone would be more likely to buy.

You need something on your listing about ready-to-ship vs. customs and your standard lead time.

3T/4T Trainers, and Toddler AIOs for sale.
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