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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

Hello there strongwoman!

I still EC my 4 yr old while nursing her. This is usually only at night in the rare case that she wakes up and has to pee. I have a great little plastic bowl that I keep by the bed. If she starts to wake up by turning around a bit in her sleep I grab her and sit her over the bowl w/ my legs wrapped around the bowl to hold it in place and start to nurse. At this point things are very quick for us and she goes back to sleep right away.

My suggestion is to have things set up for success. Have your potty or container near the bed. Even better if this container has a lid. Have your wipes and everything else you need right there. Put the baby to sleep in clothes that will be easy to remove and as soon as he starts to fuss or wake up you can start removing the diaper or whatever and place him over the potty and start to nurse.

One suggestion that I heard from a mom in my diaperfreebaby group is to use a wipes box. She said they work better for boys because of the elongated shape. She sort of angled the part furthest away from her so all of the pee went into the container and not on the bed.

Some babies don't eliminate while nursing and others do. I noticed that my newborn DDers would pop on and off the breast when they need to go. At first I thought there was an issue w/ the nursing but this was them indicating their need to pee/poo. Some babies like to eliminate before nursing or immediately after.

For us I found it best that I didn't have to get up from the bed for the whole process. I kept the lights off and got adjusted to doing things this way.

Feel free to ask more questions and best wishes!
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