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Originally Posted by Melinda29
I think your plan sounds very reasonable. Is a Nintendo DSiXL something your kids could play on together when your DD gets older? If so, then I wouldn't worry about keeping other systems around for those cold days. In the mean time, could you make a rule that all of the Nintendo DSiXL equipment and games be stored in a bin in DS's closet, so DD can't get to it, and maybe have something special for just her to play with during the times he wants to pull it put to play with. Or could he even play with it in his room only, with the door shut? Then it is not a temptation for her.

Sorry if my suggestions don't make sense. I have no idea what a Nintendo DSiXL looks like or how it functions. We have 4 kids and have so far managed to avoid any and all video games. I dread when that day comes...
No I see what you're saying, I appreciate your input. A DSiXL is just like a DS, except it has a larger screen (that's the XL part) and it can connect to the internet through Wifi. So you can download games. We'll keep that one. My son has about 300 pictures on it he's taken, and little movies he's made, so it's like a digital scrap book in addition to being a game device.

I went on Amazon and traded in most of our video games, their prices are WAY better than Game Stop. I got so excited that I also traded a bunch of old college text books we still had around (YAY!), and a TON of DVD's. It should be close to $200 in Amazon credit.

Our Wii and the regular DS are so old that I can't really get much for them, so I'm just going to keep them for now. I had my son pick out his 3 favorite Wii games, and I'm letting my LO play with the old DS.

So while I didn't totally get rid of everything, I did manage to get rid off about 90% for money so I'm pleased! Video games, especially the DS kinds, are small so it's not like they take up a lot of room. But there were a LOT that were never getting played with so we might as well get some money for them. Incidentally the Mario Brothers games fetch the most I've found. Like 10 times what regular games will.

Oh and as far as dreading the video games- I know what you are saying. But they aren't all bad. We have a chess game for DS that has made my son an INCREDIBLE chess player at a very young age. That is the one DS game I kept

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