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Re: Anyone use CJ butter every change?

The CJ's website actually says this about repelling:
In our experience, anyone who has had repelling with cloth diapers, possibly due to CJ’s, has been using it in conjunction with a natural -baking soda based- detergent. While very few users of natural detergents (or any users at all for that matter!) experience problems, we recommend that if using CJ’s in conjuction with a baking soda based detergent and especially diapers made with synthetic materials, adding either a capful of bleach every so often to your wash routine, or adding an additional surfectant such as Dawn or Simple Green, combined with HOT water, will reduce the chance of any kind of repelling issues.

So that could be an issue for some people. I use either a CJ's stick or a Gro-Via Magic Stick at every diaper change and haven't had any issues. We had the same type of poo related skin issues that you are describing. DS was constantly red and even blistered from time to time. Discussed it with our peds to make sure it wasn't a food allergy and she agreed. Just like you said, fruit and acidic things are worse than others. In our case, he just has really sensitive skin and has been allergic to every commercial baby wipe we tried as well. The other thing I love, and didn't expect, was how much easier it makes cleaning him up when I change him. Much easier to get the poo off of him and less irritation to his skin from that process as well.
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