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Originally Posted by DesertRat

I'm going to have to politely disagree. I'm Christian and I am incredibly opinionated about why I'm NOT circ'ing my boys. There are some Christians who think they are supposed to circ for religious reasons, but the New Testament states otherwise. M

Jews circumcise because they believe it was commanded of them to do so. But that's a much smaller percentage of the population. I think *most* people in the US circumcise simply because they think that's what they are supposed to do, without any real thought as to why. It's so normal here that a lot of people don't question it. And years ago, when your doctor said circumcision was better, parents couldn't run to the internet to do their own research. They had to rely on what their doctors told them. So when the medical community said to it, people did. I think circ rates are going down because people are doing their own research instead of taking everything their dr says as truth.
I can agree with that from personal experience. My mom said that's exactly why she did it. The doctor said to and you didn't question it, you just did it because doctor knows best.

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