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I found a local FB page! Will have to get photos taken of stuff soon
Now, that will be a project, but still sounds better to me than holding a real life tag sale at me house. anyone actually following the purging recommendations this week? I have been feeling low on energy and motivation this week, but hope to get some purging/organizing done today as a friend is coming to visit to help with my kiddos.

Yesterday's task was to look through your house to find furniture to remove. I have a couple of items in mind, but not sure how I can part with them. One is a little cabinet in my dining room that I use to store glass baking dishes (which I use), and decorative serving bowls (that I don't use often, but do want to keep). I have no idea where I could put the baking dishes and bowls if I got rid of the cabinet?!
I also have a bookcase in my dining room that I put our shoes on. We don't have an actual mudroom so I thought it would be helpful to have a place to keep shoes near the door. I find that it just gets overfilled with shoes, tho, and looks messy. I need a better solution! What do other people without mudrooms do with shoes? I do have a small coat closet, but it is also acting as our arts and crafts closet, so no extra room for shoes!
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