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Stash for potential foster care child

A friend of mine is going to be a foster parent soon and she is very very crunchy. I know she definitely wants to cloth diaper. She asked me to make up a list of Diapers to have on hand for newborns to 5 yr olds.

For diapers I was going to recommend
4 dozen flats
2 snappis
2 boingo sets
a set of pins
4 recycled wool covers in each size.
4 Pul covers in each size aplix for new born and small snaps for medium large and extra-large
Large bucket for a diaper pail. I personal hate using a pail liner but I will let her know how they and let her decide if she wants one.
travel wetbag
recipe for wipes solution
some cj's or coconut oil
12 onesize diapers
6 Xl-pockets just in case she gets a non potty trained older child.

I was going to tell her to get sized prefolds but that would a huge investment to even get only 2 dozen in each size.
What would you add or subtract to this list?
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