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Re: Best prefold?

Originally Posted by sweetest View Post
I just ordered some medium Diaper Rite prefolds and they are amazing! They are unbelievably soft and super quilty.

I had Imagine NB and GMD smalls... they aren't nearly as soft (but they are quilty and work just fine). Before I tried the DR prefolds I never understood all the fuss about soft prefolds - they all seemed pretty much the same to me. Now I get it... I wish I had had DR for my NB and Small prefolds too!
This is my experience, too. My Diaper Rites are my softest and by far my quiltiest (seriously...these things are egg-crate quilty). The pilling on all my prefolds has been pretty minimal except for a couple batches... I have a few pilly GMD larges and all my premium chinese prefolds from Cotton Babies were very pilly. Never had a pilly batch of DR's, though, and at this point that's most of my stash.

I still use my CD-friendly fabric softener in every load because all of them tend to get a bit rougher than I like over time. The initial softness of my Diaper Rites was off the charts, and I think that spoiled me a bit.

ETA: I also love that DR's aren't starting to get tags like Imagines and some GMD's now have. If I had tags on my prefolds, I'd probably have to line up all the tags when I'm stacking them on the changing table.

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