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Re: Samuel Walker is here!

Thanks again, everyone!! We're still enjoying learning more and more about being a mommy and daddy. My milk "came in" yesterday--oi with the engorgment!! And, as it turns out, poor Sammy isn't a good latcher at all. I had to put together the pieces on my own ( "brick dust" in his urine and he was a tiny bit jaundicy.. but it got a little worse) that he was actually a little dehydrated... and I didn't realize that cracked, bloody and PAINFUL nipples weren't "norm"... so we're using the dreaded sheild for now (the Medela kind... thin silicone. My doctor gave it to me in the hospital.. apparently I have one flat nipple.. huh...). But, with the help of the shield Sam is back on track and feeling much better. We do what we have to do, don't we? At least I was able to "get over" the initial engorgment within 24 hours... believe it or not, my 10 pounder is a GOOD eater (*with the help of the shield)!!

Thanks again, mamas! My own mom and dad are here now to help around the house and let us take care of Sam (yeah right.. who can keep a first time grandma away from their grandbaby??).. so I'll be scarce.... but there's always those 4 AM posts I seem to be famous for!
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