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Re: Trying to Make Peace with 1st C-section in 4 Days :(

Originally Posted by keidlog View Post
Good luck to you. I had a c- section with my first, and hoping for a home birth this time. There are providers here who will deliver breach vaginally (my friend did it at home with a dr last year!) is that a possibility?
Unfortunately, we have been unable to find ANY providers who will assist with a breech birth so far. I am still making rounds. Our assigned then dropped doc, while meeting with him, said this:

'In Poland I have delivered breech vaginally before..but here, I will not. If I did it would be like this to my license.' He then proceeds to make grand hand gestures of tearing up his license then scattering it to the air. DH was TICKED.

Still thinking Violet will not be here til tomorrow at the earliest...or over the weekend. We have tried accupuncture (very cool experience, no pain either), doing inverted positions + moxa treatments at home daily (applying mugwort sticks to the ends of pinkie toes). That same doc would not attempt a version (but that one kind of frightened me anyways, especially so far along). It sucks because the home treatments are REALLY making her move CONSTANTLY - but not flip!

I have now randomly spoken to 5 women in the last 2 days about breech births, just because they see my bump and comment/ask questions. Three had their breech babies vaginally...two were c/s. The 2 OB nurses I've spoken to have never seen one. So sad...

I just finished a thread were someone felt it necessary to tell the mom how 'dangerous' her attitude was and how all her faith should be in the medical professionals not herself and how she is selfishly trying to murder her child...ugh! For those who have commented, thank you for bringing positive energy and prayers! So much more productive and healing!
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