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Aplix and as few steps as possible. My family differs so much on the few occasions they've watched DD.

My dad and step mom have only watched her twice, mainly because of the diaper complaints. My step mom refuses to use them and bought sposies. My dad watched her alone the second time and used some of their sons old swim diapers because he said he got confused (brother is only a year older than my DD, there's 32 years between my oldest & youngest brother). I only had a few aplix AIO's at the time so I was trying to explain the snap diapers, and we were going to still be gone at bedtime so I was trying to explain the night diaper. They said anything that needs that much explanation is too complicated so we just put her in the night diaper when we picked her up.

Now my MIL is fantastic about it. She's never complained to me about them and uses whatever I leave her. The last time was during the Flats & Hand Wash Challenge so I left her some flats padfolded in covers and she did just fine. I didn't expect her to figure out a Snappi or pins lol.

We're now using all flats, prefolds, and closureless WH fitteds. DH will use a Snappi with prefolds or flats if I already have them folded, but I plan on sewing aplix on 6 of my fitteds for grandparents. I figure putting on a sized aplix fitted and wool pants over it isn't really any different than putting on a sposie and pants over it, right? That's going to be my argument anyway

I bring a large wet bag for dirties and I sort through and take care of it when I get home. I don't bother with a separate smaller one for poop diapers anymore because the GPs always roll and fasten the dirty diaper like you would a sposie so I have to go through and undo them anyway to make sure they'll come undone in the wash.

ETA: I see that you're using pockets. I don't think it's a problem. I personally wouldn't ask them to unstuff them or anything. If you have all snaps, maybe consider some aplix ones for care givers.
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