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Re: Stay Dry fitted?

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
This. If the only fabric that he doesn't react to is bamboo, stay dry options may not work for him. All the stay dry fabrics are synthetic. I would try buying some microfleece at JoAnn first and cutting it into strips for liners before investing in all new fitteds.

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Idk why I didn't think of the fabric being an issue before! We are in germany though so I can't just run to the store for some fleece. I don't even know of any craft or sewing stores around here that carry fabric He wakes up at least once a night to be changed because of the wetness. I know for a fact that is the problem too because If he wakes and I change him he goes right back to sleep, and if I put him in a disposable overnight he sleeps 10+ hours without waking.
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