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Re: does anyone have a sucessful Ebay store?

Originally Posted by deezee02 View Post
Ok...4 more items done, priced...all I need is to edit the pictures and list.

I know it will come with time, but researching is killing me.

I am actually pretty excited to list tomorrow! What time is the best do you think? Evening or later? (like 6pm end or 10pm end)
I know, it does get quicker with time. I also like to have a scale next to me if it's a borderline first class/priority item so I'm not out shipping etc. Small light items are easy enough to figure out.

I know when I bid, I like items that end around 8/9/10pm as kids in bed. However, you are dealing with buyers from pacific time, central, eastern. I think if you begin at 6pm and see how far you get with your listing that would work.

I mainly list BIN so time does not affect it, which is nice...

Originally Posted by Bumstoppers View Post
I have a question to just jump in here with....I never got my boys gymboree summer stuff listed....

didn't I see mention one time to list it now anyways? I'm in major get rid of mood.

What do you mean one time to list it? Do you mean with free listings or a certain time of day or week

I know spring/early summer is best for listing summer items. This time of year is still selling, but I think buyers would expect to get more of a bargain, buy ahead for next year etc. I have a lot of gymbo summer boys listed with some watchers. I'm kinda torn as I would like them for my DS, so if they do not sell then no biggie.
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