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Re: Official Lil Shamrocks Belly Bumps Thread!

Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman View Post
You look cute, Heather! I am already getting the "twins" comments. Get them every pregnancy, but usually it is only my mom this early, lol.
Thanks mama. Yes both my mom and dad were giving me the ...twins? Thank you mom and dad but's just one sorry-I had them look thoroughly at my dating US.

I was further humiliated at a wedding last week where one of my dearest friends after a few beers jumped on EVERY chance she had to tell people..."YEAH and she's ONLY 3 months!!!!". Even when people wouldn't ask she just could not wait to blurt it out...and I was 14 weeks which is 3.5 months thank you very much! LOL, what can you do but laugh. It feels like you become public property when you become pregnant-you get comments and questions even when you're not looking for then

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