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Re: If you had a hospital VBAC, what did they "make" you do at the hospital?

For most of my vbac's, the mandatory stuff was constant monitoring, iv, no getting out of the bed, etc. You are also on a clock as well and interventions are usually pushed faster than normal. I had two that were different but with one I had an awesome nurse who truly pushed and advocated for what I wanted and stood between me and the doctor to make sure I was able to have a better experience and for the other, I believe I only got a more hands off treatment because I was at a hospital that technically banned VBAC's so they were not used to dealing with them and just went with the way they normally handled births which was allowing you to walk the halls, wander, drink, check in just every so often as long as things seemed fine. That all ended when they didn't think things were going fast enough though.

In general though, I've been promised all sorts of nice stuff but then when I check in, the rules change because "this is how we always do it so you have to do it this way" so I've learned to not count on anything. I've had 7 VBAC's in various hospitals and one at home. My suggestion is to stay home as long as possible. Make sure you are truly in active labor even if the car ride sucks. Have a support person other than your husband there for you because sometimes husbands are more likely to give into medical pressure because they are worried for your health and the baby's health. I know my husband has often been pulled aside and given the "if your wife does not cooperate and do things our way, she will rupture and die" talk as well as was once threatened to be removed from the hospital for trying to advocate for my wishes. Sadly, many hospitals are truly concerned about lawsuits regarding OB care and sometimes they just aren't friendly places. And I promise I don't go into the hospital acting like a jerk. Promise. I just mostly ask to be left alone and to be given specific reasons regarding my current condition, not statistics, for why a treatment is being suggested.

Know what you want and what you won't budge on baring and emergency and feel out your provider but don't count on it really working that way as a VBAC because many times now hospitals just have a different set of rules for VBAC patients.
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