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Heplock, and CFM were required. I was induced at 42 weeks, so pit as well. Though the doc gave the general guideline of cm/hour he was patient when the induction didn't seem to be working (zero dilation for several hours). Some nipple stimulation and ball exercises helped kick things off finally (though i probably looked strange doing hip circles while playing with my nipples, lol). I jumped to a four quickly once I started that.

I think when I opted for an epi that night they put me on IV fluids. It was a bit of a blur at that point. And I think the epi made his heart tones drop, so we had a cesarian not long after really wish I had had the presence of mind to have them turn off the epi or turn down the pit. Baby's heart rate was fine once in the OR. Again, wish I had the presence of mind to have pressed the pause button, if even possible at that point.
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