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Re: If you had a hospital VBAC, what did they "make" you do at the hospital?

Here's a post I made in another thread after I met with our doctor on Wednesday and asked her a bunch of questions.
Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
I talked to the doctor today, and we're still leaning towards the hospital after our discussion with her. DH is still a little nervous that he will be too far away from me when I go into labor and I'm going to have the baby without him. At most, he would be two hours away from me, and my shortest labor so far was still a good eight hours of "real" labor (and some piddly contractions before that, like an hour apart).

In an emergency c-section, I would have to be put under (since I'm not having an epidural), and DH would not be able to be with me in the OR, but would be able to be right outside and accompany the baby. The doctor said that what usually happens is that the mom and baby end up in the recovery room at the same time, so there would be minimal separation. I think one of my biggest fears was not being able to have my baby when I wake up from the surgery, so that put my mind to rest about that.

I can have oral fluids (I don't plan on eating since my body disagreed with me when I tried to do that in past labors). She mentioned "ice chips and popsicles" but I plan on having some Recharge, too. I am going to go ahead and get a heplock, but have it in my arm instead of my hand, so it doesn't hinder my movement as much as if I had a big tube taped to my wrist. I would have skipped that, but it's difficult to get an IV started on me (I apparently have valvey veins), so I want to have a port available so they're not fumbling around for one if an emergency happens.

The crazy blood pressure cuff will be on me, but I plan on having it at as low a frequency as I can, and switching it from arm to arm depending on how I'm laying, maybe even having it on my leg sometimes (2.5 weeks of hospital bedrest taught me that there are options even while I'm still being "compliant").

The fetal monitoring will happen, too, but doesn't need to be constant until I'm in active labor (which I'm okay with). I asked her what would determine "active labor," and she said dilation to 4 or 5 (which is what I thought she'd say). I asked her what would determine active labor if I don't want a cervical check, and she said, "Well, if we can't confirm that you're not 4-5, then you're not in active labor," and winked at me, lol.

I didn't want to be jumped to a c-section at the first sign of trouble, and she assured me that they don't want to do that either, and would look for things like a pattern of a falling heart rate and not just mild, isolated drops.

But... all this would be a moot point if I don't even check into L&D. I could labor in the waiting room until closer to "go" time, right? lol. We'll have a doula this time (a mom who herself has had a VBAC) so she'll be helpful in figuring out when that time is.

With regard to the baby, if the birth is vaginal and baby is pink and crying, baby doesn't need to leave my arms at all. Delaying cord clamping until the cord stops pulsing is fine (I'll have to write it in my birth plan though just so all the staff is aware). Declining the vaccines and eye drops is possible, but I just have to get a note from the pediatrician for my file (which I'm pretty sure won't be a problem, we love love love our pedi) since the baby would be her patient and not my OB's.

Haven't met with the midwife yet since she had to cancel our meeting for today, and we're having trouble scheduling again when DH is off, so she'll call me later. But if we had to decide right now, I would feel totally comfortable with going to the hospital.
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