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Re: TV-free?

We do not have a TV in the main house, and my 5.5 and 3.5 yo are screen-free. It is tough. But I am sticking to my guns. DH and I recall watching a lot of TV as kids and want the opposite for our fam.

We do have a tv in the basement that we can use if there is something news worthy we want to catch.

I am trying to install a movie night for the family once a month and am struggling with choices (another post), b/c the kids have such limited screen time, they are afraid of a lot of "tv" things.

Anywho, to answer your question, I had trouble with nap time as well. Not sure what your sleeping/house arrangements are, but at first I would put DS1 right outside the (almost closed) bedroom door while I read/nursed DS2 so he could hear what was going on and still feel included. I would give him a book or two to look at quietly. It took him some time to understand what quiet meant, but eventually he got the point and just ended up doing his own quiet thing while I did the nap routine.

I also used (childrens) books on cd. You can get them from the library and they can listen to the book and flip through the pages at the same time. He really liked this.

It really is possible to go screen-free. It takes courage, patience and time on your part, but just stick with it. Some days I want to through in the screen free towel. But when I stick to my guns, I feel great and I know that my kids are getting the most out of life by using their minds to create fun and pass the time.

Best of luck to you!
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