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Re: If you had a hospital VBAC, what did they "make" you do at the hospital?

Honestly it sounds like a really great plan. My last baby was a hospital VBAC and I"m planning a hospital VBAC with this baby too. I want continuous monitoring when I"m in active labor (it makes ME feel better) and I want a medlock (they don't bother me and I want them to not have to waste time getting access in an emergency). Other than that, I can do whatever I want. I dont' have to have an epidural (although I, personally, want one) and I can eat if I feel like it (I never feel like it). I can walk around, move, etc. Baby will be in the room with me a lot, but I'm also okay with not rooming in for a while if I need to sleep. I've found providers to be really, really reasonable about VBAC. I've found that if you don't go in with your guns blazing, people don't get defensive and are more willing to work with you.
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