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Re: Official Lil Shamrocks Belly Bumps Thread!

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Heather, I might think you were further along but I'd never ask! lol. Your belly is cute! I'll try and have DH take a picture tonight. I just feel fat, but he of course thinks it's all baby.

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I know I look further along...I kept saying looks about 5 months over here!

Thanks mama, I love my preggo belly-I'm okay with people thinking OH wow...I'm use to it.

When I was pregnant with my first-about 7.5 months a lady that worked in a grocery store could not get over...HOW HUGE MY BELLY WAS!!! She keep asking if it was twins, like several times and she was floored that I still had 1.5 months to go. Some people just have no tack...I just said "no this just what a person looks like then they have a whole other human growing inside of them".

Most mama's really pop around 7 months and they slow grow to the end-I don't think I have ever seen a pregnant mama and thought....SHE IS HUGE. Pregnant women to me always look beautiful and just the right size.
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