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Originally Posted by rawheid
I'm on the 40 day purge and I'm not sure how I feel about it. No room gets completely done. So I think I'm going to start in one room and finish it before I move to the next room.

I'm also stuck on cloth diapers. I'm just not feeling the love anymore. I used cloth 3/4 for ds1 and 100% for dd but now with Ds2 I just don't want to. Is it worth signing up to sell them on fsot? I have beautiful very baby diapers that i made, plus meos in varying degrees of wear. Plus I wouldn't have a clue how to price them since I have bought diapers in a couple years. Any thoughts?
I think the 40-day purge and the mini challenges are great...when you're already at a mostly purged place. I'm not, so I find I need to purge what bothers me the most when I have the ability to purge it.

I think you should definitely let go of the diapers if you're not feeling it. You're not saving any money with them stored away. In terms of pricing, I have no ideas, though!
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