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I was stressed about it too! I got 6 weeks paid at 80% of my paycheck, then took 6 weeks extra of FMLA off unpaid. It was hard with only 1 paycheck for 6 weeks. We still had to pay daycare for the older. Once I went back to work, my paycheck barely covered daycare for both kids plus gas for my car. That's it. The only reason I kept working was because I carry our insurance and hubby's job doesn't offer insurance.

Now that we've moved, thankfully, my parents are able to watch my youngest son so we just pay for one in daycare. My paycheck now covers his daycare, my gas and toll tags, and absolutely nothing else. Some months with 5 weeks I actually "lose" money since daycare is more expensive. So I'm in the hole about $160 on 5 week months. However, once again, I carry the insurance so I can't quit. It sucks!!

In a few months I will hopefully start looking for a new job closer to home with fewer hours that still offers insurance...

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