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Originally Posted by E_Sage
What I wanted to say is that having a large family can be a lot of fun, but the downsides can be quite serious and can last for generations. A lot of my cousins have had serious struggles growing up, probably from similar issues as those I struggled with with my mom. I love all my aunts, uncles and cousins, but if I could shrink my family to still have my grandparents, and give my mom a normal childhood, I would in a heartbeat. There's a reason all of us have had small families since.
I'm so sorry you have a hard time with your grandparents & parents choice to have large families. I'm sorry for your loss & I am sure you truly miss your grandparents.

However, I do not think your post was needed in this thread. This is a positive & encouraging thread for mamas who have chosen to leave their childbearing up to God or for those who want to. It's negative perspectives like yours that we are trying to get away from, YKWIM? Everyone in our culture is negative when it comes to large families or being open to large families, so we are searching for the few & far between mamas who are like minded in this area.

I'm in no way trying to hurt your feelings or scare you off, just wanted to point out that your input & story was not helpful or encouraging.
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