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Re: Atheist parents?

I'm rather agnostic. Or at least, that is the closest thing that I can come up with.

The difference between me and many of the nonreligious that I chat with online is that I wish I had faith. I value reason and science as the only meaningful, rigorously proven elements in our world; those standards won't allow me to "choose to believe." But I wish that I could.

If I encountered some piece of evidence was not easily debunked, some objective proof of a deity? I'd be the devoutest ___________ you ever saw!

So when it comes to my kids, I'll teach them about the big 3, and particularly the Bible - you must be familiar with Biblical themes and legends to be at all well read. They'll also learn about pre Christian European religions, as that is a big piece of where we came from. But it will be in as neutral a manner as possible. And logic, reason, and humanism will be the most important teachings.
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