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Re: Big Mamas September Thread

Originally Posted by TakodasMomma View Post
Your name: Beverlee Ray
Starting Weight: 285lbs
Current Weight: 245lbs
Short-Term Goal: 20lbs by my Birthday October 24th
Long-Term Goal: 150lbs
Weight Lost to Date: 40pounds
Weight Loss Plan: Working my butt off at the gym and eating a whole lot less and healthier things..

I know I havent been on in a while, between working and working out and being a single mom... BUT I wanted to share a picture.. I am in my underwear.. but I'm not naked.. The first was taken in January, but In June of this year I was still 272lbs.. so it's not far off.. the second was taken today!!!

January 2012: 277 pounds

September 2012 Today 245lbs.
Great job!!!! You can really see the change in your pics.

I am still hovering at 160.3. I think it is water and waste weight. I am on day 2 of no movement. I am having DHs and my 1st date night since DS4 came 5 months ago. It is also my cousin's engagement party at the same place we were married. We are going out for sushi which is healthy and low in points but will give me more water weight the next few days. Small price to pay to get out.
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