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Re: If you had a hospital VBAC, what did they "make" you do at the hospital?

I just had a hospital VBAC. We were 45 minutes away so when I knew I was in labor we got a hotel room 5 minutes from the hospital and labored there until I knew I had been in active labor for a while. We arrived in L & D as I was nearing transition and I truly feel that made all the difference. I was there less than two hours before baby arrived.

I had a heplock, no fluids. EFM was required but the nurses were so helpful. I moved how I wanted to and they moved the monitor if they needed to. I had a nurse midwife caring for me and she was very supportive of natural birth. The OB overseeing wanted me to have the epidural and wanted to do the actual delivery. I did refuse these two things. In the end it was a great experience. Would do it again!

Stay away from the hospital as long as possible. At one point my labor stalled prior to kicking into high gear. If I had been in the hospital already I would have been fighting to avoid intervention.
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