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"I want what you want"

This is my DH's response to more kids... anyone have a SO like this?

I feel like how much better could this be, right? He would have a baseball team, he LOVES our kids, he supports us and worships the belly! and on the other I kinda want him to REALLY want to pursue that conversation... his thing is I do the "work" here so the majority of responsibility lies with me... but his input is a MUST for me... I guess I just want to hear him say the it the way I need to hear it. Or is it just that easy for him?

Would this be a victory here and I should pat ourselves on the back and get to DTD or would you want the same on the communication end of things?

What do you need to get knocked up? no pun intended
Motherhood is not a hobby, its a calling, you do not collect children because they are cuter than stamps, Its not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, its what god gave you time for. ~E. Anderson
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