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Re: Feeling horrible all day and...

Originally Posted by yankeesundbound View Post
about the due date

to the rest!

He proceeded to make his special yowling noise all night, then pick a fight with our other cat at 6 am.
I feel your pain! I just put a 5x7 area rug from our front living room in the trash yesterday. I had no idea our female cat had been peeing on it since we use the room little and it is a dark color.

Fast forward to last night when I see TAPEWORMS on my male cat's butt. Called the vet to see if they would pill him for me if I brought him in this morning, they said yes. So I wake up my toddler early, get him fed and dressed. . . Cat FLIPPED out when I tried to put him in the carrier and through my tshirt scratched a bleeding 3 inch cut across my pregnant belly.

The cut wouldn't stop bleeding for a long time since my skin is stretched so tight across my belly. Cat hid for hours so we never made it to the vet. I just cried and snuggled with my son on the couch, feeling sorry for myself. Why do I have pets???
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