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Re: BLW...on WIC...95 jars a month ?!?

Originally Posted by allhiskids View Post
You can freeze the babyhood into small cubes that will fit into the mesh feeder for teething baby and hot summer. And fruits can be enjoyed frozen with a spoon poked in to make a popsicle. I ALS have added them to other foods. Veggie soup can be enhance by several assorted jars of veggies and it just makes your stock better. Don't over do it or you'll be caught
Those are great ideas. I only get what we usually will use. I did get some new stuff to try, but he didn't like them, so I'll probably donate them. He eats plenty of actual veggies, so I'm not worried about whether he eats it pureed or not. Once they add meats, I'll probably get some, just to try. Might put some in spaghetti sauces or something, but if I'm not finding them useful, I'll just donate what I DID get and not get anymore. It's really easy to only get what you want/need. DD gets 8 gallons of soy milk a month, I usually buy 6 half gallons at a time and they last for the month and then some, so I dont' buy more until I need it.
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