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Originally Posted by bohemianxchaos
Dewd. I had a baby a week ago. Time.flies.
I hear ya. I can't believe its been 2 weeks. Weird.

We had our first road trip yesterday. 3 hr drive to where my family is. Today is my sisters wedding shower. So baby Stella will meet the extended fam today. And my dad too hasn't seen her yet so going to his house after the shower. (its my sisters bachelorette party tonight too but I'm not up for an evening of partying, dancing, staying at a hotel. Plus, I'm nursing, so that's not gonna work. I feel bad, but She understands.)
Road trip down went well. One stop to nurse, feed my 22 mo old, and on our way.

Oh and had a 2 wk follow up appt with doc yest. Was fine, no concerns except I asked about my leg which about 37 weeks I dropped a (heavy) table on it, on my shin, and it still has a good size lump on it and is tender and hurts to move my foot in certain directions. Well its been like 5-6 weeks so she referred me to orthopaedic(?) Specialist, which I have an appt Tuesday. She said it could be blood pooled that hasn't absorbed yet or maybe some ligaments damage or maybe I chipped a bone, but it shouldn't look like that this far after the injury. Sweet. It looks gross though.

Dh and ds are having oatmeal right now. Were staying at my bff's house. She just woke up too and our dogs r running like mad together playing. Stella and I r still in bed, tho neither will get anymore sleep....
It's going to be a fun day!.
Happy weekend everyone!. Hope everyone is enjoying their babies!
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