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Re: Acronym really bothering me

Yeah, I remember a commercial not that long ago (so glad I don't have cable anymore!) that touted the mom the commercial revolved around as a full time mom. That ticked me off. I may WOH, but I'm still a full time parent tyvm. I still have to get up at 2 am and soothe a crying child who's had a nightmare, and then still get up at 6am and attempt to use my brain at work.

I've done both. I've been the full time WOHM, the full on SAHM and the part time WOHM. They all have great benefits and they all have things about them that suck. I wish all moms would have the opportunity to see both sides like I have and realize this, we'd be far more understanding and these stupid mommy wars might actually come to an end. With rare exception we're all trying to raise our kids the best way we know how and not go crazy doing it.
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