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I delivered my first child via c-section in July. I can tell you that I was devastated when I learned this would be how my delivery would go! I had it all planned out and the whole time I was pregnant I would say "just as long as I don't have to have a c-section". It was my worst fear! I had taken hypnobirthing classes and my sister had done 7 natural births so I felt prepared. Well, I ended up with preeclampsia and my baby was measuring 9 lbs at 37 weeks so a c-section it was. I bawled like a baby for the 3 hours before my surgery. I can tell you that it was not nearly what I built it up as in my mind. Surgery was simple and my recovery was so smooth. Unfortunately my baby boy had a pneumothorax and ended up in the NICU so there was no immediate nursing but the hospital helped to get me pumping right away & he is quite the pro at breastfeeding now so it can be done. Even though it wasn't my "plan", I am completely fine with it because the end result was my beautiful baby! Just go in with a positive attitude and you'll be fine.
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