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Re: anyone else with a failed VBAC?

There is a VERY funny Bob Newhart clip where he acts as a psychiatrist whose sole solution to any problem is to tell patients to "STOP IT!"
While I completely understand what everyone here has gone through, having had a traumatic c-section myself, I also think "just stop it" is the answer.
You can't change the past. You can't make it different.
How your baby came into the world doesn't really matter in the end. What matters is the type of mother you choose to be every morning that you wake up.
A favorite teacher of mine used to tell his class "leave your baggage here". For what purpose are you continually bringing up guilt about the past? Did you do your best? Did you fight your hardest? That's all that matters. There can be no blame in that case.
So maybe it is time to "leave your baggage here". You will still feel sadness about how things happened. But the guilt and the anger doesn't have any place in your life. Be a good mama in the here and now. Nothing else matters.
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