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Re: Anyone have a successful pregnancy while on Mirena?

Originally Posted by mrspnut82 View Post
Yes niece. It doesn't seem like there's many happy stories of staying pregnant after taking out the mirena. I have no idea how the egg splitting thing happened. To be honest the only time I hear of multiples like this are by using fertility meds not birth control meds lol. It's just crazy. I would be a mess all weekend. And even if it all goes well after taking it out how can you not be scared and stressed for the remainder of the pregnancy? I would never just be able to relax.
This story has really intrigued me! I've been trying to find as much info as I can on the "best" thing to do. I would recommend that your DN gets 2-3 opinions from other Drs and maybe see a high risk pregnancy OB before she moves on with a decision. I've seen conflicting information about Drs saying you have less complications with it staying in than taking it out. Ultimately, I think your DN needs to find peace and be comfortable with whatever she decides. It should be her decision and not the Drs, in the end. I'm sure shes scared and worried but more regrets come in making a quick decision based on fear.
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