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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

I was going to read all the posts before I posted myself, but I just have to jump in because I love a few things and don't want to forget them: 1. I love the in-laws who gave advice on how to answer rude nay-sayers. Love it. 2. I totally didn't draw the connection between wearing skirts and the way people treat me as compared to wearing pants. Strangely, I started wearing skirts and dresses full time over a year before we made our commitment to let God decide the size/spacing of our family, so now I guess I know why I haven't gotten any rude comments about my family size and new pregnancy lately. Isn't that observant/funny! and 3. I am in the same boat with any mama who is sometimes afraid of the thought of how many children I could end up with, but it's a very superficial fear (for me) and it hasn't really hit me very hard yet (don't know how to explain it better than that).

My husband and I didn't truly make this commitment till earlier this year. We already had 7 children and were planning on 10. It's kind of a scary place to be - a few months short of 32 years old, already with 7 children, possibly many childbearing years left, and making a new commitment of letting God decide. We've decided for us that means no preventing and no active "trying." Two months after making this new commitment, I got pregnant with baby #8, due Feb. 2013. Whew! We are very excited! God has always provided for us and we're learning more and more everyday about the fact that when we do what God wants for us, even if (and perhaps especially if) it goes against popular cultural thought, we are happy and fulfilled and unafraid. Thanks for all the support in this thread! <3
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