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Re: NTNP September 9th - September 15th

Originally Posted by ashliemh View Post
Question of the week: What do you do for fun?
Knit, crochet, read, meet up with friends, clean the house (lol). I used to sew but I can't really get to my machine it is hidden away in what will someday (soon) be our office.

Last month I had some strange spotting around cd 24 and af started on Aug 20th (I think). I am pretty sure I o'ed Labor Day weekend, and we were intimate on 2 of those days (the 2nd and 3rd). Fingers are crossed that the swimmers did their job.

Today I am 6dpo (I think) and have been feeling a little crampy for a few days, with some tan colored discharge. It is possible that it is just my body being a mess, it sort of did this last month- with spotting 5 days before full on af got here. ARGH!

And we were done with the 3 girls, until DH decided, out of the flippin' blue and with no discussion, to just finish inside instead of our usual bc method of pull-out. It was on o weekend, too. So the next day we talked about it, and both of us are a-okay with #4. I am giddy in fact, well terrified because I get really bad morning sickness, and I have a 17 month old super pooper. Oh well it will be totaly worth it.

Since we have 3 girls I really hope to get a boy. I always thought I would have boys.
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