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Re: YAY.. I get to go to the chiropractor!

Originally Posted by marvelous View Post
So glad this is working out for you! I went a few times toward the end of my last pregnancy, but haven't done it this time. I know I should since I'm having so much pain in my hips, but....I just haven't. I feel a bit inspired by your post and might try to squeeze it in.

A friend of mine who is a chiro (too bad we don't live near each other) and is passionate about how it can help shorten labor and even help with BFing issues keeps posting articles on FB about it. I read them and get pretty excited, but then don't call to schedule an appt. I should just go.
You should definitely go! Up until I had to stop going, this was the least painful pregnancy. I literally had no phsyical problems except for occasional nausea.

Now I'm throwing up all the time, having crazy round ligament pain, back/hips/shoulders hurt, BP is up and I was diagnosed with GD.

I can't help but wonder if more than just the lower back and hip pain are here because of no chiropractic care for two months!

God bless!
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